1. How can I buy the ticket?

You can buy the ticket online through this link
Alternatively for physical tickets, you can contact our sales team at (< 07426499007)

2. How much does it cost to attend the festival?

The standard ticket price is £40 only.

3. What happens if I arrive late to an event?

The door is open from 12 noon. You are allowed to come anytime you like
from 12 noon till 9pm. However, if you arrive late you are most likely to
miss the performance of your favourite Artists.

4. Are you venue accessible for people with limited mobility?

Yes, it is accessible for people with limited mobility. All access information on venues can be found on this website.
If you have any specific queries about accessibility please call +44 7872622119

5. Where can I park?

There is a specific parking premise in the site. Please see the map.

7. Who are the artists in the Festival?

Check the Line Up link

8. Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks?

Food and Drinks are strictly not allowed to bring in the Festivals. There will be plenty of food and drinks stalls at the Festival.

9. Is it open for all age?

The event is open for all age. Everyone needs to have a ticket to enter. Children below 18 months do not need a ticket. All other age needs a ticket. All the children under 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult or parents at all times.

10. Does a child need to pay for the tickets?

Everyone needs to pay for the tickets excluding the children who are only 18 months or below.

11. Do we get discount if we buy tickets in a group?

There is no group discount available. However, we encourage you to bring along all your friends and families and share the awesome experience together.

12. Do Birthday people get discounted tickets?

There is no discount on tickets for people whose birthday falls on the event date.

6. How do I get there?

Joon Festival is happening at Dummer down farm. Full Address:
Dummer Down Farm
Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG25 2AR There are direct trains to Basingstoke.
᛫ From Waterloo Station to Basingstoke, you can reach in 45 minutes
᛫ From Southampton Central to Basingstoke, you can reach in 46 minutes
᛫ From Oxford Station to Basingstoke station, you can reach in 52 minutes. Once you arrive to Basingstoke station, there is 24 hour Taxi rank outside the station and it takes only 12 minutes to reach Dummer down Farm where the festival is happening.
Alternatively, there will be Shuttle bus from 12- 2pm that takes from outside of Basingstoke Station to Joon Festival. The charge will be £(> ) per person. ( >TBC) Cars: It is within easy access to the M3 and A303.
Airports: London Heathrow 39 miles (Approx 45 minutes by car)
Telephone: +44 7969 860133
Email All Enquiries


  1. Aerosols over 250ml

  2. Air horns and megaphones

  3. Outside food and alcohol

  4. Illegal substances / drugs

  5. All gas canisters of any kind

  6. Glass items - with the exception of baby food jars

  7. Large chains, chained wallets or spiked jewellery

  8. Animals (other than registered hearing dogs or guide dogs)

  9. Any unauthorised trading of goods

  10. Any goods for unauthorised trading/with unauthorised JOON Festival logos

  11. Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon (includes any item which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person)

  12. Audio recorders

  13. Professional camera or visual recording equipment; small hand held personal cameras without enhanced lenses are permitted.

  14. Chairs

  15. Paper Lanterns

  16. Drones

  17. Fireworks or Flares

  18. Flags

  19. Gazebos

  20. Large bag

Prohibited or unsafe items will be confiscated at the Owner’s risk and without liability to the Organiser. Additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of law enforcement or security officials.